Elegant custom woodworking design for your home

custom woodwork closet after front

Take your home from “just another living space” to a little piece of paradise that you love to be in – and show off to your friends & family.

Your walls are starting to feel a little bit blah, and it’s time to spruce them up. You’ve been saving accent walls, all things shiplap, and built-in shelving ideas on Pinterest, but you know that it’s too big a project for you to try to DIY.

You’re running out of storage space, but you’re not ready to get a bigger house. You need some custom architectural woodworking solutions like mudroom lockers, desks, and shelving that will seamlessly integrate into your living space, providing built-in storage options to help you keep your life organized with style and functionality.

You need a Birmingham expert craftsman who can build your home project dreams.

Project Gallery

The following gallery showcases some of Matt’s most recent custom woodworking jobs. Everything from patio tables to custom bunkbeds, ceilings, walls, fireplaces, pantries, including any types of storage solutions.