If you’ve ever had to do laundry in a tight space and needed extra room – as often laundry rooms can be somewhat limiting in available, usable space – we have found that custom countertops, shelving, and cabinets really improves the space and provides more utility is such a condensed area. You’ve probably lived in a house before that faces this challenge. You have your soaps and detergents and laundry basket and other cleaning supplies, not to mention all the other miscellaneous household items you need to store somewhere. You are completely out of storage space but don’t want to walk down the hall to a separate closet where you keep your overflow of items.

In this project, we fitted the laundry room with custom countertops, cabinets, a rod for hanging laundry, and custom shelving to make the entire area more functional. Before, it was your standard washer and dryer setup with a basic rack above, no cabinets or rods or extra shelving to place anything.

We positioned two cabinets with a rod between them above the washer and dryer, removing the rack that was previously in place. The white cabinets were chosen to match the washer and dryer units and door. Then we laid a charcoal blue countertop over the washer and dryer as a space for sorting and folding. This countertop was custom fitted to the space. This placement of a custom countertop is perfect if you have front loading washer and dryer units. It allows for an expansion of the space that isn’t as easily configured with top loading appliances.

Also previously in the right corner, there was empty space, so we used that space to build custom wooden shelving also in charcoal blue. This consisted of approximately eight shelves stacked vertically in one unit and placed in the corner of the room.

The finished product looks incredible and makes for a much more usable space for the homeowners.



Before and After