It’s been a scalding summer this year with temperatures consistently in the 90s with high humidity, and the only escape is hanging out by water or staying inside. Having an open, outdoor porch is not always inviting given the weather, and of course you need to deal with mosquitos. 

You want to enjoy your outdoor space, sharing good food and drinks with friends, listening to music as children play in the backyard into the long hours of summer. You need a custom screened-in porch as an extended outdoor living space that gives you a comfortable place to unwind after work or drink your coffee in the morning, or as an outdoor playroom for kids.

For our recent project in Homewood, we screened-in this homeowner’s back porch using the SCREENEZE® system, allowing for large open panels, with a fan centrally installed in the ceiling to keep things cool, and indoor/outdoor lighting when those long hours of summer turn into night. The string lights run around the interior of the porch and outside diagonally across the yard.

The entire setup creates a beautiful backyard living space that can be enjoyed all year round, not only in the fall and spring. 

The custom-built porch with its beautiful floors, railings, slated walls, and high angled ceilings along with the large, screened panels allows for ultimate comfort and visibility with its elevation over the backyard. As you walk up the outer stairs and through the storm door, on the inside you now have a relaxing, quiet area for hanging out to read or watch television or have family game night. There is also plenty of room for storage underneath the porch to place items out of the rain and not have to deal with putting things in the crawlspace. The final touch of string lighting adds to the ambiance of evening as the fireflies and cicadas welcome you to summer season. As fall rolls around, you will be especially ready to enjoy your new outdoor living space as football season begins.